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At Lasting Enhancements, the highlight of our job is to see the smile and confidence on our client’s face- nothing is more rewarding than that!

This is why when we met Rachel, we couldn’t wait to work our magic.

Rachel was born with a cleft lip and palate and underwent a lot of surgery in her younger years to reconstruct her facial structure, lip and teeth.

After reading about Microneedling relaxing scar tissue years later, Rachel contacted Lasting Enhancements and our lasting relationship began.


I contacted Lasting Enhancements who said they would be able to set up an appointment consultation for me, and together with my husband, off we went. I was terrified. Linda immediately put me at ease, she was soft and smiley, chirpy and chatty and non clinical a huge, huge relief for me. Linda was relaxed and confident and excited to meet me. She was so genuine her eyes and smile did the talking, this kind of care and commitment to her craft can not in anyway be faked.

Linda was non judgemental and although professional, you could tell she was a mam. A mam who cared for ladies (and gents) as if they were her own. So we sat down for a coffee and a chat, Linda needing a little break, as she explained she had been tattooing a lady’s areola following a mastectomy. Her passion and love towards her clients was overwhelming.

Linda explained that, she would like to suggest her daughter Danielle carried out my treatment. Danielle having never treated a cleft lip before, and speaking from experience I had no doubts at all regarding this. Linda assured me Danielle would have the support of her, should she need it, so we agreed on the treatment plan.

Initially Danielle would relax my scaring, a 2-inch line between the bottom of my nose, to my non existent cupids bow. Danielle would achieve this by the micro needling procedure that is basically a tattoo without the ink - the procedure I had read about in the article. Linda explained that she and Danielle would be honoured to do this for me, and also once my scars had relaxed sufficiently they would be able to tattoo a normal top lip shape over my top lip to make it more symmetrical. we made a date for my next appointment. 4 week’s time.

The day of my first treatment came, Danielle met me in the clinic and wow- she is her mother’s daughter alright and exuded the exact same qualities, empathetic, soft, smiley and 100 percent genuine. Danielle put some anaesthetic cream to top up what I had already put on while we introduced ourselves, and laughing and chatting like sisters we were both calm and our initial never met you before nerves disappeared in a heartbeat- there was no anxiety at all.

Danielle started and finished the treatment very quickly, all the time checking my pain situation, honestly there was no feeling at all other than I could feel the tickle of the hairs up my nose rattling with the vibration from the dry tattoo needle.

Danielle gave me a great vitamin e ointment to keep applying, and although stingy after a couple of hours, by next morning it had scabbed over. Within 2 days the scabs had dropped off and absolutely amazingly my scaring had already gone flat. In 5 days I felt great, my scar was red but by my next appointment 4 weeks later it had all but disappeared.

It was decided by my next appointment that my treated scar had healed amazingly well and instead of being raised and hard it was flat and soft so Danielle said she felt confident enough to go to the next step, if I was in agreement. This time she'd tattoo a cupids bow over my scar and lip and also make my top line more symmetrical. This process would also stretch my scaring further, in turn further relaxing it.

Danielle sat down with us all for a second time, her patience and genuine excitement was over-flowingly evident, although I knew she’d be nervous having never done this before, she did not appear so. Linda was at hand should she need reassurance, something I was confident she wouldn't need.

First of all, we discussed colours, Danielle explained most colours are possible, her pigments could be mixed to achieve the correct shade. We looked at a couple of catalogues, Danielle had marked a couple she thought would suit my skin tone, freckles, blue eyes and natural lip colour already. This girl had done her research, planned everything and was confident it would be amazing!

We chose a natural but slightly bright rose pink. After applying the numbing cream again, Danielle drew an outline with regular liner, asking Linda’s advice, and obtaining her approval.

Soon the tattooing began, taking around 2 hours from start of appointment to finish, I was made to feel as comfortable as possible, more cream being applied every 2 minutes, my comfort to Danielle was paramount.

Soon the procedure was finished. I was given more of the same ointment as before to apply constantly to avoid drying out and premature scabbing.

I think I will remember the look on Linda’s face forever, the pride she had for her daughter’s work was incredible, I knew Danielle was scared, but I knew she'd put my feelings before her own and didn't show her fear at all.

Once again by the following morning, my lips had started to dry out and scab up, I kept applying my ointment as promised, and within 5 days my lips were soft and scab free, and a lovely pink tone.

4 weeks soon passed and I went for my next appointment, and two more 4 weeks apart after this, to have the same procedure of infill colour to build up the tone and blend it into my own lip colour.

Finally, 6 weeks after my final colour application, I returned to clinic for final photos, Danielle had taken photographs throughout my journey, and both before and after every procedure she carried out.

Danielle explained that I would need a top up of colour, possibly after a year. The difference my new top lip line has given is incredible, I feel like the old me again, pre wisdom teeth. I never did have a cupid’s bow, but my lip line was flat and nothing like my lip after the wisdom teeth incident.

I have no doubt that this procedure is life changing and it is also very affordable, and as luck would have it this treatment has become very popular.

I'm honoured to recommend Lasting Enhancements to anyone and I’m proud to promote their treatments as much as I can.

I'll no doubt return to Danielle for my colour top up in around a year, but first of all I think I owe it to her to complete my treatment. It’s time to put my brave pants on and make an appointment at my dentist.


We are so pleased to have made such a difference to Rachel’s life, improved her confidence and been able to give her such a positive experience after many years of surgery. It was a true pleasure working with Rachel.

Linda and Danielle x

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